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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Brand New Blog

So here is my brand new blog...........had set one up previously, but it would never update properly, no idea why?? One day I WILL learn more about computers!

Did this LO last night, was getting seriously p***** trying to figure out Photoshop, so decided to scrap instead. Cant believe how well this came together!!

Last day of the school term, all the parents got to go into the class to listen to the little ones sing, it was so sweet!! Can't believe she's been there a whole term already!! OMIGOD!! Ive just realised that in about 2 weeks time shes gonna be 4!! NOOOOO!!!! Shes growing up too fast, how do I make it stop?!?!

Its past midnight & it's still much as I love the summer, its just too hot at the moment. I don't know why the heat feels different here to when your abroad?? Abroad its noce & relaxing, here its hot, stuffy, uncomfortable........need I go on......?

Spent the evening finishing my first CJ!! Ok, well haven't actually completely finished it, have done the front cover, intro page & sign in page, all I need to do is my entry! Its a Team CJ, from UKScrappers. My theme is "5 Things That Make You Happy", must finish it this weekend as it needs to be sent on Monday!!

Plans for the weekend.......well will be rushing around tommorrow, to find a fancy dress costume for a party tommorrow night, so that'll be great fun, as for Sunday, well fingers crossed I'll get the time to scrap!!

Night night.


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