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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hectic Day

Phew....what a day!! 1st official day of the summer hols, how I wish that the rest of the hols aren't going to be like today!!

Wanted to get the girls out for a little while today, but relaistically, none of us could really be bothered!! So it took us nearly half the day to get ready.....& off we set for the park. Once we got there all hell broke running off, whining, crying,etc. I gave up after about 30 mins & set off for home. I tried bribing them with the promise of ice cream if they behaved whilst I popped to the Post Office, to send my cj off, but it was packed when we got there, & my darling little ones decided to try & demolish the shop, so the promise of ice cream was quickly withdrawn & they were marched back home!! Luckily I got back to the PO before they closed to post my cj.

What has happened to my lovely little girls?? I swear somebody has swopped them for the little terrors that i spent the day with!!

Fingers crossed, all will be better tommorrow. Will attempt another visit to the park, as well as the libary first thing in the morning, so hopefully will have some scrapping time tommorrow evening. Spent most of last night finishing my cj, cant wait to receive the one that has been sent to me!!


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