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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back To School.......

Is it September already?

Megan went back to school today, into Year 1. I was so chuffed that she was excited to go back!! Not counting on it lasting though!

Managed to get 1 photo of her, normally she cant stop herself from showing off to the camera, but she still has a few chicken pox, & is feeling pretty self concious (sp?) about it. She looks really short in the photo but thats because her brand new skirt is slightly (!) too big.

Keely starts nursery tommorrow, not sure how shes going to react to it but Im remaining positive that when she gets there she is gonna love it!!

Although, I wish she didnt have a black eye at the moment!

This is what happens when a certain someone doesnt listen to Mummy & Daddy, & continues to throw herself onto her bed, her wooden bed, her wooden bed with a big wooden headboard.

Today has been a pretty good day, spent yesterday cleaning so didnt have to today!! (always a bonus!), so I browsed the net, chilled with Keely (we are trying to potty train at the mo, not going brilliantly, but we are getting there!), did some washing, took the dog for a walk, baked some cookies (oatmeal, cinnamon & raisin, yummy!!), & got my LO completed for the next round of Sprinkles (nothing like leaving it till the last minute eh!!)

Now, Ive got the remote to myself for the evening, so Im off to lie on the sofa & watch whatever I want to. Yay!!



Blogger Becs said...

Your cookies look yummy!

5:24 PM  
Blogger micayla said...

OMG, what a little cutey you have there! Those cookies look yummy shame I cannot eat them! The diet went to pot at the weekend and I am being extra good to make up for it! TEE HEE!
It is nice to know I am not the only lightweight! I did do well though, I was still up at 3am dancing with my mate boozing! Shocking really but we had a laugh!!!

4:28 PM  

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