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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Need To Scrap!!!!!!

I really need to scrap, haven't had the time to do anything for over a week now & it's driving me crazy. Everytime I think I'll go & scrap, something else needs doing, the kids want something, or Im just too tired & can't get my brain into Im setting myself a challenge.

Im going to log off the pc, get everything I need to do urgently done in the next hour, i.e cleaning, getting myself & the kids ready, we shall have lunch & then we are going to go out, I shall 'multi task', which means I'll take them to the park & libary, & I'll let Megan bring her new scooter, but on the way back we'll pop to the supermarket & post office so i can get the things I need to do done. I will get dinner organised early, make sure all thewashing up etc is done right away afterwards, then when the kids are in bed, I can switch off & scrap away to my hearts delight!!

Next time I blog, I will have something to show for it!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe sounded like a good plan! Did it happen though?! Whenever I seem to make plans that include me getting some scrapping done, something always gets in the way!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :o)
~*Gems*~ x*x*x

8:41 PM  

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