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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's raining........

........I suppose that is the end of our summer?! Schools starts a week tommorrow, part of me is looking forward to it, as it brings some order to my day, it means I have to be organised & get dressed etc, but the bigger part of me will miss having Megan around all day. She'll only be going for the mornings but from Jan she'll be full time, how did that happen? Shes my baby she isnt supposed to go to school for a long time!! Keelys going to miss her loads, I think she has really enjoyed having her big sis at home to play with, it certainly has brought her out of herself, shes walking & talking now, not a baby any more!!

Have spent the morning working my way through the mountain of washing that was about to overtake the house! The only problem is that there is now a mountain of ironning that needs doing! But not today!! Just have to change my bedding & make dinner & Im done for the day. Yay!!

I did get to scrap the other day, did a DLO of us whilst we visited Legoland for Megans birthday, cant post a pic of it as the camera has gone AWOL!! So instead will try to post a pic of the LO I entered for the Kraft Stop DTL (See above) My DD really is a Diva!! Dont know who she gets it from??

Also made my 1st mini book/album from scratch at the weekend, for my dads birthday, but as I was so unorganised I forgot to take photos! So will get some & post at a later date!

Anyway, back to the housework...........


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