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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Photo Shoot!!

Had a photo shoot with the Momiji girls today, lovely girls, a bit wooden though, didnt really want to loosen up & give me loads of different poses, however they were perfectly happy to let me take loads of photos, without moaning that they were bored.

Been collecting these since xmas, only have 6 so far, but love em like crazy!! At the moment they are just sitting on a bookshelf but am definately looking for an appropriate place/item on which these beauties can be displayed perfectly!!

Have just sat through a 20 minute performance by Megan, involving Scooby Doo, a plastic monkey & the packaging from the dolls, where Scooby played a hunter trying to rescue Monkeys family from the dinosaur that kidnapped them!! What a performance, the story needs a bit of work but as the scriptwriter is 4, I think we can make some allowances. I love her imagination, the things she comes up with never fail to make me smile. Right now she is trying to sit in a shoebox (a large shoebox) pretending shes an armadillo!!

Ok, house is tidy, dinner is cooking, got to wake Keely up, then I think I'll chill out with a good book. Have a wonderful evening!!!!



Blogger Anita said...

Yay Megans little performance sounds fab , bless her. love the doll piccies , hurry up and add them to a mini book !


5:35 PM  

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