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Friday, July 13, 2007

Catch Up

Yep, i've been a bad blogger!! But I've been busy & haven't had anything really interesting to chat about!!

Heres what I've been up to (well, one of the things). This has been the state of my bedroom since we've moved, the wardrobes we had in our old house unfortunately didn't survive the move so we have been using clothing rails, & have let our room become a dumping ground for everything!!

Not the nicest place to sleep I can tell you!!

So when my friend told me her brother was moving & would be getting rid of his bedroom furniture, did we want it? Well I jumped at the chance!!

So, here it is, 2 wardrobes, a chest of drawers & 2 bedside tables, good condition, needs a bit of fixing, cleaning & TLC.

And here is what my room looks like now!! Clean, tidy & relaxing!! Haven't shown a picture of the wardrobes as tone of the doors needs fixing, but trust me when I say everything is away, you can see the floor, not just piles of clothes!!

I even created a 'dressing table' for myself, have wanted one for longer than I can remember, my Mum had this dressing table when I was growing up with a huge mirror with lights & I can remember watching her getting ready & dreaming that I'd have a dressing table too one day, it's weird, when I think of that memory I can even smell her perfume. The flowers around the mirror are actually fairy lights! Still think the room needs something else, maybe a splash of colour? It's mainly cream & brown with hints of gold (curtains & cushions) so Im thinking a splash of green? Maybe a cushion, or a throw, & definately need something to go above the bed.

Anyway, the first nights sleep in my new room, was amazing, so nice to go to sleep in such a restful room & to wake up to peace, not chaos (that was until the kids got up!!)

So, there you go, my new room!!

Ok, more to tell, but lunchtime is looming & I have a grumpy 3 year old to contend with today!!



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