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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another post!!

Whilst I was looking through my photos, looking for my Masterchef stuff, I found these pics, which Im pretty sure Ive yet to post. This is my 2nd bag, found the instructions here (

Very easy to follow, & I was so pleased with the final result, esp. as ot was my 2nd attempt at making bags & so far all attempts have turned out very good.

The outer fabric is plain calico, the lining fabric was actually an apron! Used the pocket from the apron inside the bag, & the apron ties became the handles. Think I need to use some stronger interfacing though as Id like it to be stronger (IYKWIM!) Blooming heck I LOVE sewing!! Unfortunately running very low on fabric!! Any ideas where I can get cheap fabrics from? Looking for some vintage, some bright & funky....ooh & would love some pink fabric, maybe with brown dots, as Ive got an old brown tshirt with a great logo that would look fanbloomingtastic on a bag!!

So, halfway through the weekend already!! So far, Ive worked this morning (what fun!!), did a bit of shopping (bought myself a lovely new top!!), went to a 3yr old & a 5yr old birthday party. Will be having takeaway for dinner (prob. fish & chips!) & once the girls are in bed, will be cuddling up on the sofa with J to watch 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'. No plans for tommorrow as yet, apart from working in the morning again.

Hoping you are having a lovely weekend?



Blogger kellymccaleb said...

very very cute bag!

2:25 AM  
Blogger micayla said...

That bag is just too cute! I have instructions for one, just need to be brave and have a go!
As for fabric shops check ebay you can always find some funky stuff on there!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Gorgeous bag Lisa,Your sewing is Fab!Check the charity shops for some bargain fabrics or places like John Lewis do offcuts too.xx

2:11 PM  

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