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Friday, September 01, 2006

A Colourful World..........

Ok, so UKScrappers post a blog prompt everyday, but this is the 1st time Ive used it. Todays prompt is about colours & how they affect you, so here goes:

Pink is definately my fave colour, Im not sure when it became my fave, as when I was younger, black was the colour for me, I wore black ALL the time, not because I was a goth or anything, but because I was very self concious & just wanted to blend into the background. Over the years, more colour started to creep into my life& my wardrobe, predominately PINK! Maybe its a genetic thing, as my surname begins with pink & my daughter is as obsessed with pinkas I am!! Even though I am still very self concious & 90% of the time I still want to blend into the background, I find that wearing colours, (esp. pink) really does brighten my day. I still have really bad days & you can spot them a mile off, coz the black is worn head to toe, but I try my best to wear at least one thing a day thats really colourful, could be clothing, bag, nail varnish, helps bring a smile to my face!!

I cannot think of a colour that I dont like!! I think Ive always been aware of colour around me, as Ive always been an 'arty' person. I do find that Im attracted to different colours & combinations depending on my mood, happy moods encourage bright funky colours (esp. pink & green!), chilled moods go for muted colours, pinks, browns, depressed moods go for pretty much no colours!!


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