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Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 1st 2007

Happy New Year!! Finally finished my xmas exploding box, about time as I started it over a week ago!! Well, its almost finished, need to add a few photos!! Used BG Fruitcake (love em!!) & the glittery letters were from Hobbycraft.
Had a nice quiet day today, didnt get up till 10:45!! Was having weird dreams all night, about my old job, which was a c**p job!! Dont know why I was dreaming about that, why cant I have nice dreams??
Back to reality tommorrow, have to start getting up early, to get the girls back into a routine in preparation for Thurs when Megan is back to school. Have to do some shopping tommorrow, if its dry, will take the girls to the park (with the camera of course!!), let them run around & use up some of their energy as they are driving me mad!! Might get a new hair dye as well, as the one I did before xmas has left parts of my hair with a reddish tint which I dont like. I'd love to have a bright pink streak in my hair, but dont think I could carry it off, Im too old!!
11 days till my birthday!! 29 here I come!!
God that is scary!!


Blogger Nat xxx said...

hiya Lisa!

just wanted to wish you a Happy new Year! Love your explosing box!

hugs,Nat xxx

4:04 AM  
Blogger LPinky said...

Cheers Nat!! Happy New Year!!xx

5:05 PM  

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