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Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of year post.

What has made 2006 for you!??! What has made you smile, cry, laugh, reflect and what have you learned?

This year has been a bit of a weird one!! At times it feels like its been non-stop & time is flying by....& other times it feels like nothing is happening (IYKWIM!)

A big thing this year has been seeing the difference in my girls. Megan started nursery school, & I was so worried about how she would cope as she had never been to playgroup, she had always been with me, I didnt know how she would cope with being around strangers, plus she seemed too little to go to school!! Little did I know those sleepless nights were in vain, my little girl was a star!! She has blossomed so much in the last year, has learnt so much, has made lots of friends, & made us so proud!! Im slightly worried about her starting full time school next week, but I think Im gonna be more upset than she is as she cannot wait to go back!!

As for Keely, well, she turned 2 in May, but was still not walking & talking. I was trying not to worry, kept thinking that each child was different (Megan was walking on her 1st birthday), but after her 18-24 month check it was decided that she should see a specialist. I was imagining all the worst case scenarios, esp. as it was a 4 month wait for an appt! Then the summer hols began & with Megan home to keep her company all day, things changed & one day my little one got up & walked for the 1st time!! A few weeks later, her speech had improved so much that she was able to ask for things, by the time we saw the specialist, she was running around the waiting room!! They have confirmed that her development is delayed, but its not a major issue, esp. when you compare the difference in her now to what she was like last year.

Sometimes I cannot believe that these 2 beautiful little girls are mine!!

So, I guess my girls have made 2006 for me, they have made me laugh, smile, cry, reflect & bang my head off a wall quite a few times!! But I wouldnt change a thing......& Im so looking forward to seeing what 2007 brings!!

Happy New Year.



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