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Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of year blog prompt

What are you doing now, or what have you done this year, that a year ago would not have seemed possible?

I guess the first thing that comes to mind would be scrapping, I wanted to try new things last year, & Id seen scrapbooking in magazines but wasnt too interested in it. I then found UKS which totally changed my perspective, & I was soon addicted!! My 1st LO was absolutely c**p in my opinion, but my work has definately improved. In the last year, I found a new hobby (addiction!), a forum that Im almost constantly logged into!, Ive made new friends (online!), taken part in a cj, applied for 2 Design Teams, rejected by 1, accepted by 1, all thanks to scrapbooking. (BTW The above LO isnt my first, its the latest thing Ive done, not sure if I like it or not!!)
The second thing that did not seem possible last year, is that this year I have people in my life that I would consider friends, now I know that makes me sound really sad, so I'll explain, after having my eldest DD, I drifted away from my friends as none of them had kids, we didnt seem to have anything in common. Ive lived in this 'village' for 3 & 1/2 years now & for the 1st 2&1/2 years I knew 2 people to say hello to & 1 person, who was someone I could actually speak to. I hardly ventured out of my house, I lived miles away from my family & had no one here to spend time with. I couldnt face the local toddler groups on my own so it was just me & my girls for those years. Anyway, last Jan, Megan started school. After about 2 months of smiling & saying hi to other Mums, one of the Mums began speaking to me, from this we began meeting at each others houses, to going on a Mums Nite Out with the other Mums, to braving Toddlers together, to going for a coffee (or hot choc with whipped cream & a cake) after dropping the kids off at school, to going on days out to the zoo..........all of this did not seem possible this time last year, to now say I have friends, people that I can talk to, spend time with, is something that this time last year, I wouldnt have imagined happening.
Because of both of these things, Ive become much more confident within myself, I find it easier to walk out of the house......& that is a huge difference. But I still have a long way to go, so I wonder what will be different this time next year?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the layout! :o)
It is nice to hear you are happier now than you were previously. I know what you mean about the friends thing too. I've found it difficult as nobody I know that I considered a friend has children and tend not to understand the commitments of children. But like you scrapping has done me the world of good and helped me out in lots of ways too! :o)

10:50 PM  
Blogger Jenga said...

Good for you hun - hope you go from strength to strength in 2007 x

9:33 AM  

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