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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Busy, busy,busy.......!!!!!

So much to do!! So why am I blogging??

Still havent finished my xmas shopping! Was all prepared to go out Thurs evening, got to Toys R Us & it was empty, so got everything I needed & was out of there in 10 mins!! Feeling very pleased with myself, I proceeded to the big Argos store where I had reserved 3 of the main pressies I needed to get, it was 7:15, & they shut at 7pm!!!!!!!!! Aarrgggghhhh!!!!!

Managed to get 3 more pressies crossed off my list after that, but then I bumped into my Dad who ordered me to go to the pub with him, & you cant really disobey your dad can you?? LOL!!!

So, still have shopping to do! No idea when Im gonna get it done, as I have sooooo much to do! Fingers crossed, will be going to my Mums tommorrow to finally meet Connor!! Yay!!!

Have a good Saturday!!


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