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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Xmas Eve!!

Sunday Blog Prompt: What are your plans today!?

Well, after bathing the girls this morning, we decided to pop into town to pick up the last few bits of stuff we needed. Popped into a jewellery shop to pick something up for someone & while we were waiting to pay I spotted a white gold, pink diamond ring.......well, to cut a long story short, said ring is now on my finger whilst Im typing!! Yay!!

We've been tracking Santa for a while now, getting very excited!! Soon we will be putting out the reindeer food, snack for Santa, hangin up the stockings, putting our new pjs on & having a hot chocolate with marshmallows & squirty cream!! Then once the girls are in bed, I shall be wrapping pressies!!

So, I shall sign off by wishing you a very Merry Xmas!!



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