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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Xmas Preparations

Sunday Blog Prompt:
Its the 17th today.. only 8 days till christmas... which begs to ask the question:"Where are you in your christmas preperations!?, have you finished? tree up? pressies wrapped?, turkey defrosted lol!?? - whats left to do and how do you feel about this time of year?!"

Where am I in my xmas preperations? DONT ASK!! LOL!!

The big tree in the front room is up & decorated, the little tree in the kitchen still needs to be decorated, have got pretty much all the presents bought for the girls, however still need to get the family ones sorted. No pressies wrapped yet, no xmas cards made, so will have to buy some & get them written asap! Bought the turkey, the biscuits for xmas morning, & the After Eights!! Still have to get the rest of the shopping. Im such a bad Mummy, that the girls havent even written to Father Xmas yet, so will have to do that tommorrow (that gives me time to write the letters back!!)

For some reason though, it doesnt seem remotely like xmas, keep waiting for the excitement to hit!! Might have to go & purchase some new xmas cds, see if I start to feel more christmassy!!


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