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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Shoes!!! ........ & a sneaky peak......

Just thought Id show you a sneak peak of my very 1st DT pieces!!
Popped into town today with my lovely friend Alison, wasn't planning on buying anything, but we saw these in a sale & Alison decided to treat me for my birthday!! Yay!! Its the 2nd pair of bright red shoes that Ive got, maybe this is a new 'thing'!! Planning on wearing them with my jeans a long black top.......thats if I do go out!!

Have got friends coming round this evening, which will be a treat, just need to get tidied up, dinner cooked, hair washed & somehow get rid of the headache that has been plagueing me ALL BLOOMING DAY!!

Hopefully it'll be gone for tommorrow!! Only 8 hours to go before Im 29!! Yikes!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh those shoes are gorgeous! :o) I totally love red shoes, they rock!

6:54 PM  

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