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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Blog Prompt

Ok.. So... Who's layouts made you "stop and go wow!" in 2006.. We have all spent time reflecting on what experiences we have been through in 2006 - but what helped shape you as a scrapper? We all look at other peoples work and see ideas that we think" gosh.. I HAVE to try that like now! but we don't always give credit to the creators, or those who inspire us.. If you had to complie a list of top 5 Layouts of 2006... would the all be from diff people? or would they be one or two designers?

I cant actually pick 5 LO's, as 2006 was the year I started scrapping, then I guess I'd have to pick who has inspired me.

I guess the following people have inspired me this year:

Heidi Swapp
Kristina Contes
Adrienne Looman
Elsie Flanagan
Kirsty Wiseman
Scrappyfairy (SarahJane)
Tracie H

The list could go on.........

You never know, maybe 1 day it'll be me inspiring others!!??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is really interesting reading everyone elses faves from 2006. Thanks for sharing xx

11:11 PM  

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