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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sundays.............

Are the best, a day of just pottering around, chilling out & being with the ones you love. Apart from a quick shopping trip to Asda, it was definately a lazy day. Managed 1 LO, but that is for a scraplift, so cant show it yet. Had dinner cooked for me, which is a real treat! A huge fry up, yummy!! Why does it always taste better when someone else cooks for you??
This photo was taken yesterday, whilst I was trying to get a picture of Keely admiring her new dress, she suddenly became fascinated with whatever I was looking at!! I'm in love with this photo, but I dont know why??
Am going to browse the net for a while, then will try & get a good nights sleep, as I'm hoping that the week ahead will be a creative one!! Please send any spare creative inspiration/vibes my way!! My aim is to do a project a day.........lets see how far I get!!


Blogger Anita said...

I love that piccie too Lisa, sounds like youve had a really good day . Good luck with your productivity this week....! And hey why does you house look so tidy?!?!?

Anita xxx

12:27 AM  

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