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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Feeling Sick

Today, tired, sore throat, bunged up, blaming the weather!! I mean seriously I know its England but its July for gawds sake!! Let us have a bit of a break from the blooming rain!! Luckily we havent had any major flooding, some places are complete disasters, so many people away from their homes, without water or power. Quite a few fields around us are flooded but luckily the nearby houses have managed to stay dry & we are well away from anywhere that could possibly flood.

Anyway, thanks to the weather our Summer Holidays were off to a great start, so far the girls have been unwell & I've cleaned the entire house!! Woo hoo!! Need to do some sunshine dances for next week as Hubby is off & its Megans birthday, so Im aiming for a week of fun!!

Just wanted to show this LO, actually one of the 1st in ages that has come out exactly like Id planned in my head!! It was to celebrate Keely turning 3. Wanted to use the glittery letters for ages so took her Minnie Mouse as inspiration, found some great Red spotty pp & used beading to emphasise the candles.

The voting for the next round on Sprinkles starts tommorrow. Loved my entry when i finished it until I saw the others!! LOL!! But Im trying some positive thinking to get me through the next round!! Hurry up Sunday!!



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