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Friday, July 27, 2007

Too Many Blogs.......

I read far too many blogs!! At last count I have 87 blogs saved in my Faves, 87!!!!! Thats ridiculous!! I had a lightbulb moment today, when I actually figured out how to add blogs to my blog (IYKWIM!), so I chose my absolute faves ( narrowed the list down to 14!!) & they are featured in the sidebar under Inspired By . I'm very lucky and honoured to call a few of the authors of those blogs, Friends. These blogs are ones that I read every day, they constantly inspire me & never fail to make me smile :)
Sarah Jane (aka Scrappy Fairy wrote about what was making her happy today, so that prompted me into thinking (that would explain the burning smell then!!), what has made me happy today?

~* Watching Keely dance & sing around the kitchen to her CBeebies CD

~* Watching Megan draw & create

~* Noticing that the weather forcast for today predicted that next week will be dry, praying that this is true as its Megans birthday & J is off work for the week!!

~* My lovely friend Lisa offering to bring over some Hello Kitty goodies from Singapore for Megan next week!!

~* Having a great idea for the perfect present for Megans birthday, one that will be handmade by Mummy!!

~* Re naming my blog, LOVE that phrase!! Even though I have just noticed that I've written it wrong & will have to change it asap!!

~* That J has just text me to say that he has almost finished work, yay!!

~* That once I'm done here, I'm going to go & create something!!

What has made you HAPPY today??



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