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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Feeling pretty crappy today!! Bunged up, sore ears & throat, one minute hot, the next cold, feel like I could sleep for a week! Kids have had colds for the past week or so & I think Ive finally caught it............need to take better care of myself, I know, but to do that I need to find that extra hour in the day!!

So, the UKS daily blog prompt for today is: What’s your dream holiday destination? Why? What would you do on your holiday? How much time would you spend there? Who would you take with you?

Im gonna have to say Vegas, that would be my dream holiday destination. Id never really thought about Vegas until I read a book called Divas las Vegas, by Belinda Jones. Its a brilliant chick lit book, by a woman who used to write for More magazine. Its about 2 best friends, who are sick of their lives in England so they pack in their jobs & head to Vegas with the intention of finding husbands. Its one of the funniest books I've ever read, & I love the amount of research that has gone into it. I think that I want to visit every place they talk about in the book!

Id want to stay in a penthouse suite of the Venetian or the Bellagio, with an amazing view of Vegas. I want to go on a helicopter ride along the Strip, I want to visit all the top casinos & attractions like the lions at the MGM Grand, the Aquarium at the Mirage, I want to take a gondola ride at the Venetian..........& lots of shopping!!

I want to take a helicopter ride to over the Grand Canyon, I want to visit the Hoover Dam...... the list just goes on & on & on........I need at least a month there though!!

I'd want James to come with me, to experience this together, then Id want to come home, pick the girls up & get back on the plane to take them on their dream holidayto Disney World!!

Suppose Id better start playing the lottery then!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fab sounding book, might have to visit the book shop and have a read, not had a decent book in ages!!

But then the sound of Vegas!! my dream destination was a total dream LOL but it was nice thinking about it!!

1:53 PM  

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