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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Im not sure if I like Sundays or not? Sometimes it can be a lovely relaxing day, other times, it can be a manic stressful day, where it just feels like Im chasing my tail!

Today was a lovely relaxing day! Got up & had pancakes & bacon rolls for breakfast, then lounged around reading the papers. Bathed the girls, then spent some time finishing off a cj entry for my UKS team cj. Not sure whether Im happy or not, so Ive packed it away for now & will look at it later to see what i think with a fresh eye. Then, after refusing to cook dinner, we went to Frankie & Benny's for dinner, yummy steak sandwich!!

Went conker picking with the girls this week (will try & add a pic of the girls & their haul!See above), had a great time wondering around the park. The best part was watching Megan & Keely walk hand in hand, now Keely is walking & talking, they have become friends, as well as sisters. Watching them play together is amazing! Got a great pic of them holding hands which obviously Im gonna scrap! But this time, Im going to frame it & hang it up.......why shouldn't I display my work? I put enough time & effort into them, then I just put them into an album where no one can see them!!

So hopefully I'll have some time this week to get this done, will post a pic as soon as its done!! Ooohh!! Also went stash shopping! Bought pp's, cs, ribbons & buttons, & finally I got a corner rounder!! As cutting it with scissors doesnt give the same effect!


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