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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ok....Where The Hell Did October Go??????

Cant believe how long its been since Ive blogged!! How exciting is my life? Ok, so a quick reveiew of October: decorated my hall & bathroom, half term came & went, we went to the safari park, & nearly got rammed by a rhino!! Went to the New Forest (how badly do I want to live there??!!), & have done very little scrapping! Although did complete my first coaster book, which I loved doing!! Planning on doing lots more of them! Also have finally sorted my scrapping space, a corner of my bedroom, dedicated to my little obsession! Its all organised, well just need to put up some storage thingy from IKEA, but I dont do me, its better for everyone not to have me in charge of power tools, or any tools, since I took most of the skin off my forehead when I was younger with a wallpaper scraper!!!!!

Can upload any pics at the mo, as my pc isnt working (on the laptop!), this is bugging the hell out of me as I want to set up a flickr account!

Last comment....what a crap post!! Goodjob hardly anyone reads this!! HI MUM!! HI ANITA!!



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