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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Prompt!!

Heres the Sunday blog prompt by Scrappy Fairy:

Where do you find your inspiration? Especially when going through a dry spell?Do you remember a specific moment when a light bulb went on "click" and you knew you had to get home to scrap!!What common day objects do you now view with a scrappers eye?

Well, I tend to get hit with the dreaded scrappers block quite a bit, & when that happens, I get obsessed with scrapping mags & online galleries & blogs just searching for the 1 LO that will break the block!!

What seems to happen more than the scrappers block is that I get too many ideas, & they are shooting around in my head & I cannot get them out & on to paper........very blooming frustrating!! When his happens I need to shut myself off from everything, go for a walk on my own, have a bath, just tr & calm down & relax & that tends to help me through it.

I see loads of things that inspire me, esp. adverts, pictures etc. So I have decided to make myself an inspiration book, something that Id seen on Elsies blog, just a hardbacked book from Paperchase, that I can write in, paint in, draw in, stick pictures in..........just somewhere to keep the many ideas, to hopefully stop e from going insane!!!!!

Anyway, am just waiting for some paint to dry (How exciting am I?), managed to do a LO for this weeks challenge on UKS, but didnt have a bloom & chipboard heart in the right I painted them, & now they are taking too long to dry, I want to get it finished so I can start a cj entry that really needs to be done tonight!!!!!


Blogger Kel x said...

Maybe it's more exciting than rumour has it... watching paint dry! Love the idea of an inspiration book. Thanks for passing that on. Some luvverly LOs on your blog, chick.

9:01 PM  

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