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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Prompt

Heres the Sunday blog prompt from Scrappyfairy:

Apart from scrapping - What do you enjoy doing with your spare time!? And.. do you prefer to spend your free time alone or time with loved ones?

Don't really have much spare time (boo hoo, poor me!) but I guess that would be down to having 2 daughters under 5!!I guess scrapping is my main hobby & it does really keep me sane!! I enjoy just chilling out, any time I can spare where I dont have to be chasing my tail! Just to sit down & read, watch tv, have dinner in peace, have a relaxing bath without an audience!! Dont get me wrong, I love my girls more than anything in the world....but sometimes its nice to revert to being just Lisa.

Ok, quick blog, as Ive got to get back to the CC!!


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