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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Class For You

Well, I managed to create something today!! This is a door hanger that I've made for Megan's room, which is in the midst of being decorated.

Whilst I was coming up with ideas, I wondered if I could make a 'class' out of it, i.e, photos & instructions to publish on here.

So, I gave it a go!! Took the photos & notes as I went along. Have just finished editing the photos & typing up the notes, which I'll post tommorrow (too tired tonight!!)

The photos that I took whilst making this aren't as bright as the above ones, but that just goes to show that the light in Megan's room is better than the light in my scrap space (i.e under the stairs with no natural light!!)

Any feedback regarding the instructions I'll post (positive or negative!) will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, off to bed!!



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