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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Door Hanger


1 Wooden Door Hanger (Under £1 from Hobbycraft)

1 Sheet of patterned paper

1 Large Wooden Heart

1 Small Wooden Heart

1 Piece Of Cardboard (from a cardboard or pizza box)

1 Heidi Swapp Ghost Letter

1 Small Heidi Swapp Ghost Heart

1 Heidi Swapp Index Tab with Phrase

1 Large Bloom



Acrylic Paint (2 different colours, I have used white & pink)


DS Tape

1) Adhere patterned paper to door hanger, doesn’t need to be perfect. Cut around shape with a craft knife. Use sand paper to sand away the rough edges of the paper.
2) Paint around the edges of the hanger with acrylic paint (you could also use ink if you wished), again this doesn’t need to be a perfect edge, I’ve had gone for a slightly messy look to my hanger!! Leave to dry.

3) Using the acrylic paint, paint the tops of the wooden hearts in one colour , then paint the edges of the hearts in another colour. I have painted the tops in pink & the edges in white. You could also choose to paint them in different shades of the same colour. Leave to dry.
4) Cut a circle out of the cardboard slightly larger than the large heart. Remove the top layer of the cardboard to reveal the corrugated cardboard underneath. Paint the circle the same colour as the tops of the heart. Leave to dry.

5) Paint the edges of the Ghost letter & shape in the same colour as the hearts & the cardboard, you just want to define the shape. Leave to dry.

6) Adhere the bloom to the left of the centre of the hanger, so that it overhangs on one side.
7) Glue the smaller heart to the centre of the large heart, then glue both hearts to the cardboard circle. This will be the flower centre. Adhere to the centre of the bloom.

8) Tie ribbon to a part of the Ghost letter. Adhere the Ghost letter to the bottom left hand side of the hanger underneath the bloom. Add some bling, this can hide the adhesive if need be.

9) Do the same with the Ghost Heart, but adhere to the top right hand side of the hanger. Don’t forget the bling!!
10) Attach the Index tab to the bottom edge of the right hand side of the hanger. Again, add some bling!!
11) Tie 2 pieces of ribbon to the top left hand side of the hanger, just above the bloom.

And there you have, one decorated door hanger!

Apologies for the poor photos (note to self, need better light in crafting area!!)

Please leave a comment regarding the instructions as all feedback is welcome!! (However should you leave negative feedback please word nicely!!)




Blogger Melissa said...

LURVE IT !!!!!

its so PINK that makes me love it even more! You clever bunni you!!

6:57 PM  

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