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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still here!!

Just been very busy!!!! Keely & J are finally getting over the Chickenpox, & now Megan has it!! just hoping that she'll be over the worst of it by next week, as she goes back to school.

Been very busy making tutus for my friend Kerry. She runs a fairy business
Fairy Finesse selling gorgeous fairy wings & tutus, as well as offering craft 'make & takes'. This weekend she will be at the Weyfest festival in Surrey, so if you are in the area pop by because it looks really good! Wish I was going!! I have never done so much sewing in my life!! My house is festooned with netting, scraps of material & thread!! But it was fun!!

Now, I kind of dont know what to do with myself. The girls are occupied with Charlie & Lola, so I could a) clean, b) scrap, or c) lie on the sofa with a book??

Im kinda thinking that option a is a no no!! Ive got to get going on my next entry for the Masterchef comp, but have no ideas at the moment. So, it looks like I'll be going with option c)!! Except, I dont know what book to read!!! AARRGGHHH!!!!! But hang on!! I bought a crochet hook the other week, maybe I'll dig out some wool & see what I can create!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

Look what I did!!!!

Thanks to here I made this.
I think I won the battle between & my sewing machine!!
Now, I want to make MORE!!!!
But, I have a Masterchef entry & cj to complete!!
Then, I'll be sewing!!
Have a Happy Monday!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The lovely Nina & SJ have tagged me, so here goes.......

What were you doing 10 years ago? Working for ELC (toy shop), in a really bad relationship, & very skinny!!

What were you doing 1 year ago? Living in our old house, getting over the PND, getting more into scrapping, being accepted onto my 1st Design Team!!

Five snacks you enjoy- 1) Chocolate, 2) Walkers BBQ Crisps, 3) Jammie Dodgers, 4) costco Cookies!! 5) chip butties!!

Five songs you know all the lyrics - Cant think of any right now!!!!

5 Things you would do if you were a milionaire - 1) Buy our Dream Home, 2) make life easier for my family, 3) Take my girls to Disney World, 4) Get married!! 5) Buy myself a Pug dog!!

5 Bad Habits - 1) Putting myself down, 2) Not taking care of myself, 3) Eating when Im not hungry, 4) Spending too much time on the net! 5) Being untidy!!

5 Things You Like To Do - 1) Scrap, 2) Spend time with J & the girls, 3) Watch Friends, 4) Browse the net, 5) Lie in my bed!!!

5 Things You Will Never Wear Again - 1) Shell suits!!, 2) Ra ra skirts!!, 3) Leggings, as much as I like them, I really dont have the legs for them!!, 4) Short Skirts, see previous entry for reason!, 5) Leg warmers!!!!

5 Favorite Toys - 1) My camera!!, 2)My sewing machine!!, 3) All my scrapping stuff!!, 4) My PC!, 5) J, always fun to play with!!

Ok, I tag,

Mel aka Tinker


Saturday, August 18, 2007


Treated myself to this pack of lushness today!! Thought I deserved it, as I've yet to spend any of my wages from my new job on myself yet & I havent bought any stash in months!! Plus I'm looking after 2 people with chicken pox, 1 healthy drama queen, 1 dog in season & 1 cat who is currently go through 'cold turkey' as he's not allowed out at the mo due to him bringing dead animals into my house, so I think I deserved this, don't you?? Now,all I need to do is figure out how to justify buying the embellies etc to go with it!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Chicken Pox & Hot Fuzz

Woke up this morning to Megan saying to J ' Daddy, why is your back so spotty?' Upon further investigation (by me) it was noted that he also has the dreaded CP!! Thankfully Megan is still clear.

Watched Hot Fuzz last night, very good!!!!!!! Def. one to watch!!

Thanks for the tags Nina & SJ, will post that one later!!

Off to look after my poorly, spotty family!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In My World.........

.......things feel pretty chaotic!! (however, this may be due to the fact I am a Drama Queen!), it's been one of those weeks that has felt manically busy, but I don't seem to have done/acheived anything!?!?!

Here is the total randomness of my week:

* Keely woke up this morning with chicken pox, we have counted 15 spots so far.
* Megan is currently CP free, although she has decided hers are invisible.
* It's rained every day.
* My drier isn't working.
* Have tonnes of washing, which in fact will take over the house pretty soon (in fact, if you dont hear from me in a day or so Mum, please pop by just to check we are ok & havent been buried under the huuugggeee pile of dirty washing!!)
* It's still raining, & my drier still isn't working, therefore said pile of washing is not going to be dealt with asap.
* The huuuggeee pile of clean washing that was threatening to overtake the house if I didn't put it away (hate putting it away) was finally put away (all apart from J's washing, which I'm hoping he will put away himself, however the possibility of that is pretty slim)
* My sewing machine will NOT beat me!!!! I will figure the B***** thing out!!! (or possibly throw it against the wall!)
* It's still raining.
* Bought the cat a new collar with a bell to hopefully stop said cat from bringing dead mice & birds into my house.
* It's still raining.
* Cat has already lost said collar, after wearing it for ONE DAY!!
* It's still raining.
* Planning on buying the cat a huuugggeee cow bell to hang around his neck, therefore rendering him unable to chase & catch birds & mouse (or move his body!)
* It's still raining.
* Got through to the next round on Sprinkles!! (YAY ME!!!!)
* It's still raining though.
* The dog is in season, therefore I am following her around the house with a blooming mop all day long!!
* Bought some fanbloomingtastic material from John Lewis yesterday (on sale I might add!) that I have a very good idea on what I am going to use it for (unless sewing machine ends up being thrown against the wall!)
* Still. Raining.
* I'm hungry & I dont know what I want to eat.
* However I shouldn't really be eating due to the vast amount of weight I have put on. Seriously if my backside gets any bigger, I'll block out the sun!! You know it is bad when you stand in front of your tv & your kids ask you to move coz they cant see it. Esp. when you take into account that you have a 63" tv.
* Still raining, seriously someone call Moses!!
* If I drink anymore tea, I'm gonna start pissing it!!
* Still bloody raining!!! Ok, I know this is England but for gawds sake it's August!!
* Still havent finished Megans bedroom (J, please put the shelf up before I smack you round the head with it!!)
* Not supposed to rain tommorrow.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Round 2 Voting.....

........ is underway
here , fingers crossed, this is gonna be a tough round!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Salcey Forest

Last week we visited Salcey Forest (, with its amazing Tree Top Walk, & had a great time!!

Even though Miss Keely isn't looking too impressed in thia photo!! She was definately a Daddy's Girl that day!!

Saw this beautiful butterfly & got attacked by quite a few flies!!

The Tree Top walk was great!! A bit rickety!! But the view was amazing!!

Then we had a lovely picnic & sunbathed for a while, ahhhh, bliss!!!!


Monday, August 06, 2007

I will catch up soon....

................promise!! Just too tired right now!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Been busy......

It's been a hectic week, with J off work, Megan's birthday, trips to the coast & the forest, deadlines for the next round on Sprinkles, & so on...........

Too tired to catch up now, but will be back tommorrow with a proper catch up.


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