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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quick Post!

Quick post this evening as its been a long day! But also an important day as my sister gave birth this morning to her 1st child, a little boy called Connor, weighing in at a tiny 4lbs 4ozs!! No pics as yet as Connor needs a bit of special care as his sugar levels are low, but will post some soon!!

Also am very happy this evening as Ive finally located a name & stockist of some very cute Japanese wooden dolls that Ive seen around loads! Whilst out this evening, I saw them in John Lewis & took the details down, heres the website:

How cute!! Im definately going to start collecting these (or accepting them as gifts!) Will be hopefully treating myself to one soon, am loving 'dance dance dance', the groovy retro chick with white hair!!

Ok thats it for tonight!!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Prompt

Heres the Sunday blog prompt from Scrappyfairy:

Apart from scrapping - What do you enjoy doing with your spare time!? And.. do you prefer to spend your free time alone or time with loved ones?

Don't really have much spare time (boo hoo, poor me!) but I guess that would be down to having 2 daughters under 5!!I guess scrapping is my main hobby & it does really keep me sane!! I enjoy just chilling out, any time I can spare where I dont have to be chasing my tail! Just to sit down & read, watch tv, have dinner in peace, have a relaxing bath without an audience!! Dont get me wrong, I love my girls more than anything in the world....but sometimes its nice to revert to being just Lisa.

Ok, quick blog, as Ive got to get back to the CC!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exploding Boxes!!

Am loving the Exploding Boxes!! Made my 1st one last week, & it was surprisingly easy!! Thanks to Sarah Jane for the instructions (Love this blog!!)

Will definately be making more of these, used Junkitz papers & HS embellies & lots of jewels. Apparently this is my signature (Pink, Black & Bling!) & you know what? I can happily live with that!! Thanks Gail!!

Had my hair cut at the weekend, nothing too drastic but it looks much better, will post some before & after pics very soon!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Prompt!!

Heres the Sunday blog prompt by Scrappy Fairy:

Where do you find your inspiration? Especially when going through a dry spell?Do you remember a specific moment when a light bulb went on "click" and you knew you had to get home to scrap!!What common day objects do you now view with a scrappers eye?

Well, I tend to get hit with the dreaded scrappers block quite a bit, & when that happens, I get obsessed with scrapping mags & online galleries & blogs just searching for the 1 LO that will break the block!!

What seems to happen more than the scrappers block is that I get too many ideas, & they are shooting around in my head & I cannot get them out & on to paper........very blooming frustrating!! When his happens I need to shut myself off from everything, go for a walk on my own, have a bath, just tr & calm down & relax & that tends to help me through it.

I see loads of things that inspire me, esp. adverts, pictures etc. So I have decided to make myself an inspiration book, something that Id seen on Elsies blog, just a hardbacked book from Paperchase, that I can write in, paint in, draw in, stick pictures in..........just somewhere to keep the many ideas, to hopefully stop e from going insane!!!!!

Anyway, am just waiting for some paint to dry (How exciting am I?), managed to do a LO for this weeks challenge on UKS, but didnt have a bloom & chipboard heart in the right I painted them, & now they are taking too long to dry, I want to get it finished so I can start a cj entry that really needs to be done tonight!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


UKS is having another cyber crop!! Very excited becaues a) its the 1st one Im actually going to take part in!! & b) I have no friends or a life!!

The theme this time is Harry Potter, & Im in Gryffindor house, I love HP!! Im a big kid really!!

Roll on the end of November!!

Spent today finalising my UKS teams Secret Santa, just have to wait for Hubby to get home, then he will allocate everyone a SS, & I just need to post the details tommorrow, at least this way I wont know who my SS is! Didnt manage to get any scrapping done, which is a blooming pain as Ive got loads of ideas, 2 cjs, & various gifts etc to start making! I do have a good excuse however, after going to Toddlers with Keely on Tues, I got a nasty migraine, which knocked me out. Thankgod it has now gone, but an still feeling pretty shattered from it, & shall be going to bed very soon. Its ridiculous, I dont think Ive stayed up past 9:30pm at all this week!

Today was 'Dress Up As Your Fave Book Character' at Megans school. We had planned for her to wear her Princess dress, unfortunately the recent growth spurts have resulted in said dress being WAY too small for her, so an emergency trip was made to Asda last night by Megan & Daddy. I expected her to return with a beautiful Princess dress, but as you can see from the above pic, Scooby Doo was the only way to go for her!! was very surprised at her choice, but when I went to pick her up, all the other girls were dressed as Princesses soit definately made her stand out & was a great hit with everyone!! Although the novelty wore off with me when I had to force her to take it off to have dinner, after she had wore it all day, including to go shopping!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ok....Where The Hell Did October Go??????

Cant believe how long its been since Ive blogged!! How exciting is my life? Ok, so a quick reveiew of October: decorated my hall & bathroom, half term came & went, we went to the safari park, & nearly got rammed by a rhino!! Went to the New Forest (how badly do I want to live there??!!), & have done very little scrapping! Although did complete my first coaster book, which I loved doing!! Planning on doing lots more of them! Also have finally sorted my scrapping space, a corner of my bedroom, dedicated to my little obsession! Its all organised, well just need to put up some storage thingy from IKEA, but I dont do me, its better for everyone not to have me in charge of power tools, or any tools, since I took most of the skin off my forehead when I was younger with a wallpaper scraper!!!!!

Can upload any pics at the mo, as my pc isnt working (on the laptop!), this is bugging the hell out of me as I want to set up a flickr account!

Last comment....what a crap post!! Goodjob hardly anyone reads this!! HI MUM!! HI ANITA!!


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