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Monday, June 25, 2007

Finally Finished!!!!!

~***Here is the finished space!!! Took bloomin' ages to do!!***~

I'd forgotten I had a desk, knew Id bought one just forgot where I'd put it!! Turns out it was under all the stash & mags!! The hanging rail, hooks & baskets are from IKEA, great bargain!! The pots hold pens, pencils, the baskets hold paint, scissors etc, . The shelves were put up by my lovely Hubby!! The pink box is full of coasters & stuff to alter, the white folder is full of stickers & the purple one contains cybercrop classes, templates, etc. The pile of boxes are waiting for me to alter them! The bucket is full of sheets of felt.

Another IKEA buy was the wooden drawer unit, whuich holds my Big Shot dies, chipboard shapes & alphas....just needs decorating, although I have no idea what I want to do with it!! Any clues????

Thats it for now, more photos to come tommorrow.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Work In Progress...........

Well, my craft space is STILL in a complete mess. I started this afternoon got a huugggeee pile of magazines, books & papers tidied away..... but I still cannot see the table surface, which is a pain as I wanted to scrap tonight (got new Junkitz pp with this months SI mag!) But alas, that will not be happening. I could really be clearing it now but CSI:NY is starting shortly & of course it would be rude not to watch it!!

So, instead of more pictures of my slowly improving space (which would be completely pointless as it looks the same as the previous photo!) I'll show you some recent LO's, 2 of Megan, doing her 'thang!' (She's a DIVA @4, whats she gonna be like in her teens???!!!!) & an ever so flattering (ha ha!!) one of me, showing why I really shouldnt leave the house with out make up on, or at least a balaclava!!

Hope your having a fanbloomintastic Saturday night!!!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

In Desperate Need Of..........

Cleaning & organising!! Yes, this is my scrap space, a little alcove under the stairs (one day I WILL have my own studio................~* goes off into a daydream......*~) Anyhoo.. my little space is an absolute mess, definately not an inspiring place to work, so my task for the weekend will be making this into a tidy, organised place to create. It may take ALL weekend!! Esp. as I need to fit in family time, a shoe shopping trip with Megan (Im soooo looking forward to this esp. as she asked if it can just be 'Mummy & Megan'! ) So I'm posting this picture in the hope that it will inspire (oh who am I kidding? Shame me! ) into sorting it out.
Haven't blogged for a while, lots of family stuff going on, job hunting etc. Hopefully things will begin to slow down so I can get back to scrapping. Trying to get prepared for the summer & find lots of stuff for the girls to do. Had a great fathers Day, Hubby was very impressed with the mini book I made him even though I wasn't happy with it & LOVED the cardboard crocodile that Megan made for him. We went to visit my parents, was great to see them esp. my Dad who has been in & out of hospital lately. Made him a mini book as well, but was very happy with how that turned out, will post some pictures soon.
Well, thats it for now, will post more over the weekend, hopefully with pics of my inspiring amazing little space!!

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