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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tag Book

This is my 1st attempt at a tag book, made for my friend who has just had a baby. Used a poem I found on 2peas, some BG, HS letters, hearts & bling.

Think I'll be making more of these!!

There you go Mum, have updated my blog!!! Love ya!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feeling YUCKY!!.....& Im covered in pink glitter!!

Woke up this morning feeling absolutely yucky, think Ive got another blooming cold coming! My head feels like someone is playing basketball with it, throat is sore & I just want to go back to bed!!

But, then Mr Postie arrived with 2 packages of goodies addressed to lil ol me!! Yippee!! The 1st parcel was a birthday present from my wonderful teammate Anita, it was the large tag die for my Big Shot, perfect for making tag books, cant wait to give it a go!!

The 2nd parcel was from Scrappyfairy, I used my birthday money to treat myself to some K&Co Twinkle Type letters in PINK!! They are absolutely lush & everything is now covered in pink glitter, but hey, if you were gonna be covered in something, pink glitter cant be a bad choice eh?? The lovely SarahJane also included some yummy purple blooms & funky brads, shes such a star!!

Managed to finish a LO today,not sure if Im pleased with it or not though!! Dunno about all of that empty space LOL!!

Used one of my fave photos, me & Megan, taken on my brthday, we were just mucking around making funny faces, etc. Absolutely LOVED this one, esp. after playing around with it in Photoshop, how did I manage to create such a perfect little girl?!?!

Anyway, the little Princess will be finishing school soon, so must get her sister ready & brave the freezing cold (cant wait till Im driving!!).


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Blog Prompt.

Heres the Sunday blog prompt:

Sunday bloggers this week is a "practical" one.....Grab your camera - take a walk around your home.. and snap some of the little things that make you happy...Even if its just one thing.... xWe all fill our home with things that make us smile... how about sharing them with us...

So here we go, 1st pic is my bed, with my lovely new bedding, very calming & snuggly!!

My lovely Venetian style mirror, I'd wanted one of these for ages, now all I need is the dressing table to match!!

Finally, my fave pic of my girls, never fails to make me smile!!

.........Could have entered plenty more.......but Im gonna go & eat some summer fruits crumble & custard instead!!

Happy Sunday!!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

I love my birthday card from Megan!! Not only did she write it herself (with a tiny bit of help!) but Im loving her portrait of me (obviously its me 1st thing in the morning!! LOL!!
My lovely UKS teammates (The Lavender Lovelies!) spoilt me with lots of goodies!!

Including Heidi Swapp stash, blooms, gems, stickers & a gorgeous handmade bracelet & decorated box, Im a lucky girl!!

Last night, some friends visited & bought me the above cake & a bottle of wine (which I will be opening later!!), good job Ive yet to start my diet, as there is only 1 piece left!! Yummy!!

So far, it's been a good day, feeling very loved!! Managed to get some time to myself this afternoon, whilst the girls were taking a nap, & had a nice bath, washed my hair & even managed to paint my toenails (just in case I do go out tonight......I can wear my new shoes!!)

Ok, better cook the girls some dinner!!



Happy Birthday to ME!!

SarahJane (Scrappy Fairy) has kindly tagged me so here goes:

1. grab the book closest to you
2. open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3. post the text of the following three sentences on your blog
4. name of the author and book
5. tag three people of you own

'So it's for sale, then? It isnt being kept... for anyone?
Borgin squinted at her. Harry had the nasty feeling he knew exactly what Hermione was up to.

JK Rowling, Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince (yes, Im reading it AGAIN!)

Cant think of 3 people to tag, so will tag Anita :

Will be back later to bore you all with tales & pics of my birthday!!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Shoes!!! ........ & a sneaky peak......

Just thought Id show you a sneak peak of my very 1st DT pieces!!
Popped into town today with my lovely friend Alison, wasn't planning on buying anything, but we saw these in a sale & Alison decided to treat me for my birthday!! Yay!! Its the 2nd pair of bright red shoes that Ive got, maybe this is a new 'thing'!! Planning on wearing them with my jeans a long black top.......thats if I do go out!!

Have got friends coming round this evening, which will be a treat, just need to get tidied up, dinner cooked, hair washed & somehow get rid of the headache that has been plagueing me ALL BLOOMING DAY!!

Hopefully it'll be gone for tommorrow!! Only 8 hours to go before Im 29!! Yikes!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2 Days, 9 Hours & 31 Minutes..........

.............................Until I'm 29!!

I'm not sure how I feel about turning 29, it's very scary being this close to 30!! Some days I feel soooo old, & others I still feel 16! Don't really feel like celebrating it, it's not like it's an important birthday, not like 30!! Which is just 1 year, 2 days, 9 hours & about 29 minutes away!! That I WILL celebrate!!

I've made a list of the 30 Things I Want To Do Before Im 30 & I was originally planning to do a LO about it, but now I'm thinking of making a mini book about it, that way when (& if) I acheive each thing, I can do an entry about it. What do you think??

As for what I want for my birthday, well to be honest I DON'T KNOW!!

I don't want to buy any new clothes (or recieve any) until I've lost a bit of weight (diet starts after my birthday!), I do like the look of Troll Beads, the AL Look Book, & the Heidi Swapp Love Your Handwriting Book.................... can't really think of anything else!!

Actually received my 1st present today (thanks Steph!xx) but havent opened it yet, being a good girl (LOL!)

Also, my CJ arrived home today, yay!! Its the 1st cj Ive done & I loved it!! It was with my team on UKS, my theme was 5 Things That Make You Happy & I loved everyones entries!! Will post some pics later. Am hoping to sign up for another cj soon!!

Ok, have rambled enough for now!! Thanks for reading.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Blog Prompt

Ok.. So... Who's layouts made you "stop and go wow!" in 2006.. We have all spent time reflecting on what experiences we have been through in 2006 - but what helped shape you as a scrapper? We all look at other peoples work and see ideas that we think" gosh.. I HAVE to try that like now! but we don't always give credit to the creators, or those who inspire us.. If you had to complie a list of top 5 Layouts of 2006... would the all be from diff people? or would they be one or two designers?

I cant actually pick 5 LO's, as 2006 was the year I started scrapping, then I guess I'd have to pick who has inspired me.

I guess the following people have inspired me this year:

Heidi Swapp
Kristina Contes
Adrienne Looman
Elsie Flanagan
Kirsty Wiseman
Scrappyfairy (SarahJane)
Tracie H

The list could go on.........

You never know, maybe 1 day it'll be me inspiring others!!??

Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 1st 2007

Happy New Year!! Finally finished my xmas exploding box, about time as I started it over a week ago!! Well, its almost finished, need to add a few photos!! Used BG Fruitcake (love em!!) & the glittery letters were from Hobbycraft.
Had a nice quiet day today, didnt get up till 10:45!! Was having weird dreams all night, about my old job, which was a c**p job!! Dont know why I was dreaming about that, why cant I have nice dreams??
Back to reality tommorrow, have to start getting up early, to get the girls back into a routine in preparation for Thurs when Megan is back to school. Have to do some shopping tommorrow, if its dry, will take the girls to the park (with the camera of course!!), let them run around & use up some of their energy as they are driving me mad!! Might get a new hair dye as well, as the one I did before xmas has left parts of my hair with a reddish tint which I dont like. I'd love to have a bright pink streak in my hair, but dont think I could carry it off, Im too old!!
11 days till my birthday!! 29 here I come!!
God that is scary!!

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