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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Feeling pretty crappy today!! Bunged up, sore ears & throat, one minute hot, the next cold, feel like I could sleep for a week! Kids have had colds for the past week or so & I think Ive finally caught it............need to take better care of myself, I know, but to do that I need to find that extra hour in the day!!

So, the UKS daily blog prompt for today is: What’s your dream holiday destination? Why? What would you do on your holiday? How much time would you spend there? Who would you take with you?

Im gonna have to say Vegas, that would be my dream holiday destination. Id never really thought about Vegas until I read a book called Divas las Vegas, by Belinda Jones. Its a brilliant chick lit book, by a woman who used to write for More magazine. Its about 2 best friends, who are sick of their lives in England so they pack in their jobs & head to Vegas with the intention of finding husbands. Its one of the funniest books I've ever read, & I love the amount of research that has gone into it. I think that I want to visit every place they talk about in the book!

Id want to stay in a penthouse suite of the Venetian or the Bellagio, with an amazing view of Vegas. I want to go on a helicopter ride along the Strip, I want to visit all the top casinos & attractions like the lions at the MGM Grand, the Aquarium at the Mirage, I want to take a gondola ride at the Venetian..........& lots of shopping!!

I want to take a helicopter ride to over the Grand Canyon, I want to visit the Hoover Dam...... the list just goes on & on & on........I need at least a month there though!!

I'd want James to come with me, to experience this together, then Id want to come home, pick the girls up & get back on the plane to take them on their dream holidayto Disney World!!

Suppose Id better start playing the lottery then!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


It's Monday, & it's raining!! What a great start to the week! So far my day has consisted off washing, walking to school, then going to do food shopping, coming home, more washing, quick browse on UKS, walking back to school, getting caught in the rain coming home, having lunch & getting some scrapping done. Still have to wash up & tidy the house, but that can wait till later!!

Thought Id include a pic of the goodies I bought last week, haven't got round to using it yet!!

This LO is one I completed today, im pretty pleased with it, though Im not sure about the space under the ghost letters, but anything I tried to use just didnt look right so maybe I'll leave it as
it is!! This is for this weeks challenge on UKS, didnt manage to get full points for it, as I couldnt think of a film title for the title or use any hidden journalling.

Think I have another LO planned in my head, so hopefully will be able to complete that one this evening.

Oh well, back to the housework!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Double post!!

Spent ages writing the 1st post, then blogger told me it failed! So spent ages rewriting it, to find that both the blooming posts were there!! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!! Good job it's only me & possibly my Mum who read this!!

HI MUM!!!!!!!


Conker Picking!!

So we went conker picking!! Its supposed to be autumn, but it was boiling!! We brought Megans green bucket, & proceded to pick nearly every conker at the park!! The girls were very happy
with their haul.......the only problem now is what do you do with the conkers?? I love conker picking as it reminds me of being a kid & going to Hyde Park with my Grandad, who could always find the biggest & best conkers!!

Another thing that was brilliant about the day was watching Megan & Keely walking along holding hands! As Keely has just begun to walk & talk, Megan & her have become friends, as well as sisters, & it's amazing watching them play together. Got a great photo, which I shall be scrapping very soon, the only difference with this one is that Im actually going to frame it rather than put all that effort into it, then stick it into an album!! Will post a pic of that once its done.

Went stash shopping this week, bought some lovely goodies, including a corner rounder, which Ive wanted forever (well thats a slight exaggeration!)....but you can't get the same effect with scissors!!

As for today, well its been a lovely relaxing day, pancakes & bacon rolls for breakfast, read the papers, bathed the girls, scrapped for a couple of hours, then we went to Frankie & Benny's for dinner which was YUMMY!! Now Im off to watch tv for a while..........


Im not sure if I like Sundays or not? Sometimes it can be a lovely relaxing day, other times, it can be a manic stressful day, where it just feels like Im chasing my tail!

Today was a lovely relaxing day! Got up & had pancakes & bacon rolls for breakfast, then lounged around reading the papers. Bathed the girls, then spent some time finishing off a cj entry for my UKS team cj. Not sure whether Im happy or not, so Ive packed it away for now & will look at it later to see what i think with a fresh eye. Then, after refusing to cook dinner, we went to Frankie & Benny's for dinner, yummy steak sandwich!!

Went conker picking with the girls this week (will try & add a pic of the girls & their haul!See above), had a great time wondering around the park. The best part was watching Megan & Keely walk hand in hand, now Keely is walking & talking, they have become friends, as well as sisters. Watching them play together is amazing! Got a great pic of them holding hands which obviously Im gonna scrap! But this time, Im going to frame it & hang it up.......why shouldn't I display my work? I put enough time & effort into them, then I just put them into an album where no one can see them!!

So hopefully I'll have some time this week to get this done, will post a pic as soon as its done!! Ooohh!! Also went stash shopping! Bought pp's, cs, ribbons & buttons, & finally I got a corner rounder!! As cutting it with scissors doesnt give the same effect!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

UPDATE: Need To Scrap

Keep forgetting to post the LO I finally got round to doing!

This was the highlight of a trip to Legoland! We're an attractive bunch eh?? The pictures not the greatest, looks much better IRL!!

Ok, am shattered now, so Im off to bed, night night.xx

It's been a long week.......

The summer is over, back to school time!! Megan settled back into school without too much hassle, thank god!! keely is enjoying having Mummy to herself for a few hours a day, Im still trying to get my head around the change in hours, as Megan now goes in the morning rather than the afternoon. Before Keely would sleep whilst Megan was at school so that meant I had some time to myself in the day, however that was usually spent cleaning etc, but still, it was time to myself! Now though, Megan is home by the time Keely goes for a sleep, so no break for me in the wonder Im shattered!

Managed to have some scrapping time at the beginning of the week before school started, completed 4 LO's!! I was quite pleased with them, a couple of them are a bit 'softer' than my usual stuff, used some neutral colours, but the results were good! Have posted the one about Keely(above), I love the photos that were used, they came out brilliantly considering they are from a camera phone! She does look really sweet & innocent in them!! Not so innocent in real life!!

Went shopping last night & picked up the Oct CK mag, as well as some Basic Grey PP & more cardstock (somehow I managed to run out of cardstock! How is that possible??), love the CK mag, so many ideas & lots of yummy products to gaze upon!

Off to Knebworth tommorrow, on a Dinosaur Hunt! Must remember to take the camera...........

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Blogging

Yay!! Managed to get some scrapping done!! Spent Fri night scrapping & completed 2 LO's & half of a cj entry, was very happy with myself!! Not sure why but I get really frustrated if I cannot find the time or energy to scrap, when I do it puts me in a great mood!!

Spent yesterday at my parents house.......most of the day was taken up trying to install their BT broadband, its not blooming easy!! & its still not working!! Phoned up their helpline & ended up speaking with someone in Bombay!!

Spent this morning cleaning the house, then rewarded myself with a couple of hours scrapping!! Completed 2 more LOs, just need to photograph them & I'll post them here. Now dinner is cooking (yummy sunday roast!) so Im browsing the net & catching up with UKS.

Scrappyfairy from UKS posted a sunday blogging prompt, so here goes:

BLOGI want you to Blog your Favourite part of youself! We all know we can fill a day describing what we would change - but what wouldnt you change!?!?!?

God, that is a tough one!! I actually dont know the answer to that one, Im pretty critical of myself......a couple of years ago, pre-kids, I would have said my hair or my hands, but that was when I had time to take care of them!! Now, I dunno, wow, how awful is that!! I am actually stumped!! Think that Im gonna have to rack my brains over that one.......

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Colourful World..........

Ok, so UKScrappers post a blog prompt everyday, but this is the 1st time Ive used it. Todays prompt is about colours & how they affect you, so here goes:

Pink is definately my fave colour, Im not sure when it became my fave, as when I was younger, black was the colour for me, I wore black ALL the time, not because I was a goth or anything, but because I was very self concious & just wanted to blend into the background. Over the years, more colour started to creep into my life& my wardrobe, predominately PINK! Maybe its a genetic thing, as my surname begins with pink & my daughter is as obsessed with pinkas I am!! Even though I am still very self concious & 90% of the time I still want to blend into the background, I find that wearing colours, (esp. pink) really does brighten my day. I still have really bad days & you can spot them a mile off, coz the black is worn head to toe, but I try my best to wear at least one thing a day thats really colourful, could be clothing, bag, nail varnish, helps bring a smile to my face!!

I cannot think of a colour that I dont like!! I think Ive always been aware of colour around me, as Ive always been an 'arty' person. I do find that Im attracted to different colours & combinations depending on my mood, happy moods encourage bright funky colours (esp. pink & green!), chilled moods go for muted colours, pinks, browns, depressed moods go for pretty much no colours!!

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