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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


NOTE TO SELF: When trying to occupy 4 yr old daughter whilst you look something up on the net, art & craft may seem the ideal project, but just remember to either make sure the lid to the glitter pot is tightly secure, or remove said pot completely.

Still trying to sweep up the glitter!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rocking' The Tutu!!

Been promising to make Megan a tutu for ages, but as my previous posts have shown Im not too good with the sewing. So finding a no-sew tutu pattern was a bloomin' godsend!!All I needed was some tulle & elastic. Picked the tulle up at Hobbycraft for 99p a metre, cut the elastic to loosely
fit her waist & just tied strips of tulle to the band. You need to tie quite a lot of strips (in fact I should have tied more) & tieing the strips at different lenghts gives a great effect. However, the 1st time she wore it, she wasnt feeling like being a model for Mummy (doesnt she realise I need photos to scrap!!) But, after chilling out on the sofa & have some dinner, she was more than thrilled to strut her Diva stuff!!

In fact, the sunglasses are hers! We were in Next at the weekend & whilst I looked around, Megan got dressed up (with Daddys help) with sunnies, heels, a furry scarf & handbag & proceeded to strut her stuff!!!! She was so attached to the sunnies that we bought them for her (they were on sale anyway!)

Anyway, off to print out some photos, so that once they are in bed, Im scrappin'!!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Well the day didnt really go to plan.......

So it's been a pretty much s****y day, not going into too much detail. Didnt get many scrapping done, however Squeaky now has a husband!! Woo hoo!! Whilst the girls were playing, I watched the last Bams Unholy union (the wedding one) & created Mr Squeaky (pictures to follow). megan was very pleased, esp. when i 'married Mr & Mrs Squeaky a little bit later! So the kids were FINALLY to bed, & the house was tidied, pets fed, so on.....I sat down at the pc to print out some photos......well that was the plan!! Found this blog, ( & laughed so much I nearly spilt my wine (wouldnt have been the best end to my day I can tell you!!

So thank you Kayla Aimee, for making me laugh & making me look even more forward to marrying my 'Hubby'!!

Missing you J!! Love ya!!


Been Creative............

What can you create with 2 pieces of felt, some thread, & some ribbon/ric rak? Well thanks to Heather Bailey (
you can make a rumpled felt flower brooch!

Not the greatest picture! Ive attached it to the front of a red bag I bought at Primark, just to jazz it up a bit, what do you think?

I'd like to take a moment to inroduce the newest member of our family, Squeaky The Mouse. Im thinking that Mummy's sewing skills need some work!! But Megan loves her, so much that today I have to make a friend for Squeaky!!

Megan & Squeaky.

Ok, well its a grey & miserable Bank Hol Monday (no surprise there!!) so we will not be leaving the house today!! Instead we'll be having a nice chilled day at home. Hopefully I'll get some more stuff finished, so may be back later with a further update.

Have a good one.

My Celebrity Lookalikes.

I Wish i really did look like some of them!! Esp. natalie!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Have been looking at this blog ( ever since it's started but never actually 'joined' in.
Until today.
Todays word was Reflection.
Heres my photo, this is where we feed the ducks, however due to quite a few people feeding said ducks usually they dont want it (the bread that is), so we just end up chucking it in the water. Oh well!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Thought For Monday.

As we grow up,we learn that even the one person who wasn't ever supposed to let you downprobably will.
You will have your heart broken probably more than once.and it's harder everytime.
You will break hearts too, so remember what it felt like when yours was broken.
You'll fight with your best friend,
you'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
you'll cry because time is passing
and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So...take too many pictures,laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend upset is another minute of happiness that you'll never get back

FromBecca's blog (

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sundays.............

Are the best, a day of just pottering around, chilling out & being with the ones you love. Apart from a quick shopping trip to Asda, it was definately a lazy day. Managed 1 LO, but that is for a scraplift, so cant show it yet. Had dinner cooked for me, which is a real treat! A huge fry up, yummy!! Why does it always taste better when someone else cooks for you??
This photo was taken yesterday, whilst I was trying to get a picture of Keely admiring her new dress, she suddenly became fascinated with whatever I was looking at!! I'm in love with this photo, but I dont know why??
Am going to browse the net for a while, then will try & get a good nights sleep, as I'm hoping that the week ahead will be a creative one!! Please send any spare creative inspiration/vibes my way!! My aim is to do a project a day.........lets see how far I get!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cowgirl Megan comes to town.........

Cowgirl Megan rode into town for Keelys birthday!! This picture is for Nanny & Grandad!! Check out the look on her face!!


Happy Birthday Keely-Weely!!!!!

My baby was 3 on Friday!! How did that happen?? I swear 5 minutes ago she was a tiny little bubba, now theres a proper little girl running around with a huuggee personality (& temper!!)

Here she is realising that she is in a picture with Charlie & Lola...& Sizzles!!!

Above is said picture!!

Here she is sporting a rather fetching Minnie Mouse creation, courtesy of Auntie Clair!! (She even wanted to wear it to bed!)

Blowing the candle out on her cake (for the 2nd time as Daddy didnt manage to catch it the 1st time!)

Really enjoying her cake!! Happy birthday my Keely-Weely!! Love ya!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, May 14, 2007

What a great start to the week.......

........Getting absolutely soaked walking to school, not good!!

Hopefully this doesnt mean the rest of my week is going to be crap!!

This was the 1st LO I did after we moved (& I'd realised I lost all my old stuff!), loving how it turned out, had wanted to scrap this pic of me & Megan for ages, but couldnt get the page right, then one evening, sat down to it & here it is!! Its my 1st attempt at 8.5"x11", liking this size although its cheaper to scrap A4!!

A friend commented to me that my new stuff is very different to my old stuff, so i guess losing everything was a blessing in disguise eh? Allowed me to start afresh & become more creative.

Tonight I'm hopefully going to work on a scraplift challenge that my team over on UKS are doing, Im doing the 1st LO so everyone is going to 'lift' mine, why did I offer to go 1st!?!?!?


Sunday, May 13, 2007

What once was a plain mirror from IKEA......... now a funky mirror for Keelys room!! This was inspired by Adrienne Looman ( But not as cool as hers, as it is destined for a 3 year olds room!! Not that im saying Keely isnt cool, as she is, but you get what i mean!! Anyway, I have 4 more of these mirrors, so will do 1 for Megans room, then the last 3 are for me!! Mwhaaa ha ha!! (EVIL LAUGH!!)

Well, today was actually quite successful, scrapping wise, made a tag book for J & did a LO for the weekly challenge on UKS. Will post those pics tommorrow. Kids are in bed, fast asleep, house is clean (ish!), so I think the sofa & tv are calling my name!!


Latest stuff

Here is another new LO. Had this idea for a while, just couldnt figure out a way of putting it together, then one night, BAM!! A lightbulb went on (trust me, this doesnt happen a lot!!) & voila!! It was created!! I do LUURRVVVVVEEEEEE this one!! Esp. as it has lots of piccies of my fave people!!

Lots of ideas of things to do today, want to do some more painting (had forgotten how therapeutic it is!), finish a tag book & mini book that Id started & do a few LO's. Shall we take bets on how many I actually do?!

Will be back later with some photos of my Sunday, hope that wherever you are, you are having a good one!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Finally!! I managed to figure out how to have a B&W photo with one area in COLOUR!!!!!

Thanks to Lisa F ( for the instructions, will definately be buying the book!!

Photo Shoot!!

Had a photo shoot with the Momiji girls today, lovely girls, a bit wooden though, didnt really want to loosen up & give me loads of different poses, however they were perfectly happy to let me take loads of photos, without moaning that they were bored.

Been collecting these since xmas, only have 6 so far, but love em like crazy!! At the moment they are just sitting on a bookshelf but am definately looking for an appropriate place/item on which these beauties can be displayed perfectly!!

Have just sat through a 20 minute performance by Megan, involving Scooby Doo, a plastic monkey & the packaging from the dolls, where Scooby played a hunter trying to rescue Monkeys family from the dinosaur that kidnapped them!! What a performance, the story needs a bit of work but as the scriptwriter is 4, I think we can make some allowances. I love her imagination, the things she comes up with never fail to make me smile. Right now she is trying to sit in a shoebox (a large shoebox) pretending shes an armadillo!!

Ok, house is tidy, dinner is cooking, got to wake Keely up, then I think I'll chill out with a good book. Have a wonderful evening!!!!


Monday, May 07, 2007


**~Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! ~**

Well, ok, so officially NSD was Saturday, but didnt have a chance to blog then!! Pathetically I only managed 2 LO's. :(

The above LO, Natural Beauty, used a photo that I took near to where we live, its where we feed the ducks & is an amazing relaxing place to be. Its right by the Grand Union canal & there is an old manor house right behind the pond, which, if I won the lottery, I would be buying. Waking up to this everyday would be so inspiring!! I was amazed at how well the photo cam out, & wanted the LO to complement it, not overshadow. I had no pp to go with this so decided to stick with black & white cs, & my Hibiscus die which I love!! Quite pleased with this one!!

The 2nd LO, Megan, is my 1st attempt at 12"x6", not sure if I like this size, think I'll give it a go using it landscape. Used Melissa Frances pp & a 7Gypsies tag. Bit more delicate that Im used to, but like the effect, plus Megan LOVES it & thats the most important thing!!

OK, well it is grey & miserable here today, so Im thinking I'll stay in & scrap instead, haha!! Lots planned, heres hoping I'll get something done!!

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday!!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Been painting......

Been painting, havent painted for years!! Not sure if I like this or not.........happy that Ive done it, not sure if its any good though! I think it needs 'something else', only problem is, I dont know what!!

Definately gonna do more painting thought, will only get better with practice eh? Got an idea for some paintings for the bedroom, just need to find the time to do them!!

Will post more pics later from our trip to the beach on sunday!!


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