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Monday, July 30, 2007

My Girls.....

They drive me insane sometimes, but I love them more than life itself!!! Today, we took the dog for a walk & stopped by the canal for a mini picnic & quick photo shoot. I actually was brave enough to take my camera out of Auto!! So for once I actually managed to get some photos of them running!!

Miss Megan looking beautiful, as per usual!!

This was the only good photo I got of Miss Keely running as she tends to run looking at the ground!!!! Makes for lots of bumped heads!!!!

She also trips over thin air!! Just like me & my Mum when we were growing up!! She hardly ever cries though, tough cookie!!

The mini picnic/photo shoot was finished by the girls chasing Daddy round screaming their heads off & generally disturbing the peace!!

The rest of our day was filled with a trip to Costco & Tescos, & a yummy chicken ceasar salad dinner, so a lovely day was had by all today!! Tommorrow we are off to the coast, a friend has told us where we can find some quiet little coves & beaches, so the picnic is packed, towels & the huuggeeee blanket are waiting by the door, camera is fully rested & waiting for tommorrows action, & I am off to bed.

Night, night, sweet dreams.


Bring On The Next Round!!

I'm through to the next round of Masterchef!!!! Yay!!!! For those who don't know, Masterchef is a Design Team call for a blog called A Spoonful Of Sprinkles and a forum called Carolinezcrafterz. There has been 2 rounds so far, was really happy with my 1st entry but struggled with the next round as you could only use plain cardstock & ribbon as well as basic equipment. The next round requires more of a kit, so Im not sure if its going to be easier or harder than the last one, but I'm going to give it a blooming good go!!!!

Here are the links to the forum & blog (still cant do the one word link thingy!!)

Well, its Monday morning & the weather is looking good for the week, which is great as J is off work this week & it's Megans birthday on Weds. Luckily she didn't want a party this year! We are going to the Build A Bear shop so she can get a Hello Kitty teddy, I want one too!!!! We have a few other days out planned, so I've been practising getting my camera out of Auto & actually using the settings in readiness for some photo shoots!! At some point today I need to get out & get some drawing paper as Megan has used every piece with have (& trust me there was loads!), I need to figure out some way to keep all of her drawings, as they are amazing!! She's definately talented!!!!

Ok, 2 posts so far for today!! Have a fantabulous Monday!!!!


I've been tagged.....

By SJ, ( apparently I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!!! o now I have to tag another RGB , so I tag.....................................................................................................

Willow!!!!! (


Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've been blog pimped!!!!

The lovely wonderful super talented SJ has just pimped by blog!!

How blimmin' fantabydozy is it looking!!!!

Love my header!!

My blog counter looks a little sad!! Esp. as I've had this blog for a year!!

Esp. Loving my new pet Ethelbert The Great!! Scroll right down to the bottom to meet him.

Thank you SJ!!!!! (aka )


I Want One!!!!!!

How Cute!!!!! I seriously want one of these, unfortunately they are only sold in the US (Boo Hoo!!) Although its probably good that I don't have one as I'll be fighting with Megan over who gets to use it!!

Door Hanger


1 Wooden Door Hanger (Under £1 from Hobbycraft)

1 Sheet of patterned paper

1 Large Wooden Heart

1 Small Wooden Heart

1 Piece Of Cardboard (from a cardboard or pizza box)

1 Heidi Swapp Ghost Letter

1 Small Heidi Swapp Ghost Heart

1 Heidi Swapp Index Tab with Phrase

1 Large Bloom



Acrylic Paint (2 different colours, I have used white & pink)


DS Tape

1) Adhere patterned paper to door hanger, doesn’t need to be perfect. Cut around shape with a craft knife. Use sand paper to sand away the rough edges of the paper.
2) Paint around the edges of the hanger with acrylic paint (you could also use ink if you wished), again this doesn’t need to be a perfect edge, I’ve had gone for a slightly messy look to my hanger!! Leave to dry.

3) Using the acrylic paint, paint the tops of the wooden hearts in one colour , then paint the edges of the hearts in another colour. I have painted the tops in pink & the edges in white. You could also choose to paint them in different shades of the same colour. Leave to dry.
4) Cut a circle out of the cardboard slightly larger than the large heart. Remove the top layer of the cardboard to reveal the corrugated cardboard underneath. Paint the circle the same colour as the tops of the heart. Leave to dry.

5) Paint the edges of the Ghost letter & shape in the same colour as the hearts & the cardboard, you just want to define the shape. Leave to dry.

6) Adhere the bloom to the left of the centre of the hanger, so that it overhangs on one side.
7) Glue the smaller heart to the centre of the large heart, then glue both hearts to the cardboard circle. This will be the flower centre. Adhere to the centre of the bloom.

8) Tie ribbon to a part of the Ghost letter. Adhere the Ghost letter to the bottom left hand side of the hanger underneath the bloom. Add some bling, this can hide the adhesive if need be.

9) Do the same with the Ghost Heart, but adhere to the top right hand side of the hanger. Don’t forget the bling!!
10) Attach the Index tab to the bottom edge of the right hand side of the hanger. Again, add some bling!!
11) Tie 2 pieces of ribbon to the top left hand side of the hanger, just above the bloom.

And there you have, one decorated door hanger!

Apologies for the poor photos (note to self, need better light in crafting area!!)

Please leave a comment regarding the instructions as all feedback is welcome!! (However should you leave negative feedback please word nicely!!)



Friday, July 27, 2007

A Class For You

Well, I managed to create something today!! This is a door hanger that I've made for Megan's room, which is in the midst of being decorated.

Whilst I was coming up with ideas, I wondered if I could make a 'class' out of it, i.e, photos & instructions to publish on here.

So, I gave it a go!! Took the photos & notes as I went along. Have just finished editing the photos & typing up the notes, which I'll post tommorrow (too tired tonight!!)

The photos that I took whilst making this aren't as bright as the above ones, but that just goes to show that the light in Megan's room is better than the light in my scrap space (i.e under the stairs with no natural light!!)

Any feedback regarding the instructions I'll post (positive or negative!) will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, off to bed!!


Too Many Blogs.......

I read far too many blogs!! At last count I have 87 blogs saved in my Faves, 87!!!!! Thats ridiculous!! I had a lightbulb moment today, when I actually figured out how to add blogs to my blog (IYKWIM!), so I chose my absolute faves ( narrowed the list down to 14!!) & they are featured in the sidebar under Inspired By . I'm very lucky and honoured to call a few of the authors of those blogs, Friends. These blogs are ones that I read every day, they constantly inspire me & never fail to make me smile :)
Sarah Jane (aka Scrappy Fairy wrote about what was making her happy today, so that prompted me into thinking (that would explain the burning smell then!!), what has made me happy today?

~* Watching Keely dance & sing around the kitchen to her CBeebies CD

~* Watching Megan draw & create

~* Noticing that the weather forcast for today predicted that next week will be dry, praying that this is true as its Megans birthday & J is off work for the week!!

~* My lovely friend Lisa offering to bring over some Hello Kitty goodies from Singapore for Megan next week!!

~* Having a great idea for the perfect present for Megans birthday, one that will be handmade by Mummy!!

~* Re naming my blog, LOVE that phrase!! Even though I have just noticed that I've written it wrong & will have to change it asap!!

~* That J has just text me to say that he has almost finished work, yay!!

~* That once I'm done here, I'm going to go & create something!!

What has made you HAPPY today??


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Feeling Sick

Today, tired, sore throat, bunged up, blaming the weather!! I mean seriously I know its England but its July for gawds sake!! Let us have a bit of a break from the blooming rain!! Luckily we havent had any major flooding, some places are complete disasters, so many people away from their homes, without water or power. Quite a few fields around us are flooded but luckily the nearby houses have managed to stay dry & we are well away from anywhere that could possibly flood.

Anyway, thanks to the weather our Summer Holidays were off to a great start, so far the girls have been unwell & I've cleaned the entire house!! Woo hoo!! Need to do some sunshine dances for next week as Hubby is off & its Megans birthday, so Im aiming for a week of fun!!

Just wanted to show this LO, actually one of the 1st in ages that has come out exactly like Id planned in my head!! It was to celebrate Keely turning 3. Wanted to use the glittery letters for ages so took her Minnie Mouse as inspiration, found some great Red spotty pp & used beading to emphasise the candles.

The voting for the next round on Sprinkles starts tommorrow. Loved my entry when i finished it until I saw the others!! LOL!! But Im trying some positive thinking to get me through the next round!! Hurry up Sunday!!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just Finished........

the final Harry Potter book.

Loved it.

Kind of glad it's the final one.

Although I'm sad about that too!!

Loved how it was so fast moving, nothing was dragged out.

Loved how all my questions were answered.

Loved how I managed not to peek ahead to find out what was going on!!

Loving how I'm going to have to read it AGAIN soon to see if I 'missed' anything!! (LOVE doing this with books!! Always find different meanings, different twists & so on).

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Eye Candy

Have lots of projects on the go at the mo, so thought I'd show one a day, just to have something remotely interesting on my blog!!
Another Lack mirror from IKEA, I lurrrvvveee these, such a great bargain!! Anyone this one is done for Princess Megan's room, which is being decorated this week, hopefully sometime before her new bed arrives on Thursday!! Her last room was totally pink with splashes of lilac, was amazing at first, but after a while kinda did your brain in!! So, in her new room, we (well, me!!) are going for a more grown up, subtle look. The room is going to be mostly white, with one pink wall, white furniture & her pink table & chairs. I may even paint butterflies on the wall.....not completely sure on that one yet!! The mirror is painted in 'Babe' by Dulux, the wooden Primative Hearts are from Hobbycraft, painted white, the sparkly 'M' is K&Co Twinkle Type (LOVE THESE!!), & the writing is handwritten by Moi!! Megan is so happy with this!! Which at the end of the day is all that matters!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some news.....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Catch Up

Yep, i've been a bad blogger!! But I've been busy & haven't had anything really interesting to chat about!!

Heres what I've been up to (well, one of the things). This has been the state of my bedroom since we've moved, the wardrobes we had in our old house unfortunately didn't survive the move so we have been using clothing rails, & have let our room become a dumping ground for everything!!

Not the nicest place to sleep I can tell you!!

So when my friend told me her brother was moving & would be getting rid of his bedroom furniture, did we want it? Well I jumped at the chance!!

So, here it is, 2 wardrobes, a chest of drawers & 2 bedside tables, good condition, needs a bit of fixing, cleaning & TLC.

And here is what my room looks like now!! Clean, tidy & relaxing!! Haven't shown a picture of the wardrobes as tone of the doors needs fixing, but trust me when I say everything is away, you can see the floor, not just piles of clothes!!

I even created a 'dressing table' for myself, have wanted one for longer than I can remember, my Mum had this dressing table when I was growing up with a huge mirror with lights & I can remember watching her getting ready & dreaming that I'd have a dressing table too one day, it's weird, when I think of that memory I can even smell her perfume. The flowers around the mirror are actually fairy lights! Still think the room needs something else, maybe a splash of colour? It's mainly cream & brown with hints of gold (curtains & cushions) so Im thinking a splash of green? Maybe a cushion, or a throw, & definately need something to go above the bed.

Anyway, the first nights sleep in my new room, was amazing, so nice to go to sleep in such a restful room & to wake up to peace, not chaos (that was until the kids got up!!)

So, there you go, my new room!!

Ok, more to tell, but lunchtime is looming & I have a grumpy 3 year old to contend with today!!


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